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2017 - Catholic Student Council Leadership Camp

On Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 49 of our Catholic Student Council Leaders from all three high schools participated in our annual Catholic Leadership Camp at Camp Brebeuf, in Rockwood, ON.  Our student leaders were able to participate in activities that allowed them to work as a team, build new friendships and learn new skills they may use going forward.  Some of these activities were rock climbing and low ropes, where many students were trying this for the very first time.

The group was able to celebrate Mass with all that Mother Nature had to offer, as the pavilion used for prayer was located in a forest.  The camp itself is situated within a wooded area, so those who enjoy the outdoors were in their element.  The team ended their camp with a meditation session, where all present could reflect on how they can support our Board theme of “Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”.  

Thank you to the Student Council Advisors who were supervising this event.  This yearly event was planned by our Student Senate under the direction of Mr. Pat Daly.

By Ron Calabrese